Wednesday, September 22, 2010


It has been time no. When was it... 2005?

No 2004 actually.

And it is all starting again with the same place?

Well, one could say that. I am not too sure of the dates though but yeah it might just end up there.

Moonie is back. :)

Possibly. It is more like moonie is back in his shell. And there is another face.

That is the way. ... So, you were all quiet on Saturday night while walking a long distance.

I wasn't tired.

Who is talking about that? It is not the first time. We did not have a joint. That was the only wrong thing.

I did not need one. Not on that night.

Did you get to say everything?

I guess. But you know how love is. There is always space for more.

Hurt you are not anymore. Right?

Yes. I am probably just sad.

Pain is inevitable, suffering optional. You won't come out soon now. That's good. We'll get to spend some more time. You often get lost though. I guess that comes as a package deal with you.

I am high on caffeine right now. It is so energetic and weird. Triple shot.

We're drinking in the evening again, right?

Yeah yeah.

Let's keep it simple, real slow and low. Let's not move that fast. Especially now when you have found your empty space. I'm there anyway. You are doing good. That's how it should be with the man of numerous faces.

I am hoping it all sorts out. I will get to spend a lot of time alone. Which is good. And yeah. I'll be high. And a li'l fucked.

Proper fucked.