Saturday, December 05, 2009

Ego (t)rip

Oh you know the thing about chaos. It is there.

Often my mind wanders from one object of interest to another, and I do not have an explanation for it. It almost seems as if there is something telling me to do it and I know it is not temptation. It is like the parallel track you keep hearing in the background on a consistent basis. But you know the thing is that it is kind of clever. This voice. It seems enamouring, sort of like a soft cloud but you know what is behind might definitely not find a like in you.

But it exists.

I am sort of living in this trance… it almost appears like an extension of my megalomania. I do not know if it is moving anywhere apart from where it is. Is my problem the presence of such large reservoirs of knowledge or the sheer imagination of it? I wish I knew nothing. Oh but then, what do you know?

Lost in a roman, wilderness of pain, and all of them are insane. I feel very punkish at times, like one of 'em blokes you see swaggering on the street puffing away those biceps without any direction. I just love the jackets this specie wears, all the time. Oh, and yeah, the clothes, I love those as well.

Try doing this sometime, run without any knowledge of destination or reason. Just freely and keep smiling. It is like this moment you learn that at times, we stop ourselves from loads of shyte that we are capable of and were we to be running, there is simply no stopping us. And the world still won't care.
You know it came here before all of us.

I like to intimidate people at times by simply staring at them. They say I have a bad, hypnotic stare. Then there are those as well who find my stare "piercing with soft bristles, like toothbrush". (!!!) Anyway...
It is super cool when you do that to a woman who has some skin and courage to show. Should you be fortunate enough, some panache as well, and those are oh so good to look at. That is if you are not one of those horny desperados waiting to ejaculate. I mean this is some sensible thing I am trying to talk. So give a nice hint or preview of that look, and then catch those moments where I stare. It doubles up as a basic litmus test as well.

I have started wearing red shoes. I never thought I would but we can compliment each other. I don't how.
It is funny that my girl's PG friends used to think I am gay. No it is not. I just can't help it now, can I?
Love will someday tear me apart, I know it. It has been written for me.