Thursday, February 19, 2009

Just randomly...

Why do women insist on wearing heels when their feet start hurting precisely 8 seconds later and all throughout the night, you have to bear the unsettling complaints of pain? It is happened to me on more than one occasion and I reckon it is something to do with me not wearing heels, as the women would say.

Every time someone exclaims, 'You don't understand man!', I rarely know how to respond. Should I ask the person to explain it to me so that I do understand or does he/she wishes me to politely keep listening to the rants while sitting puzzled and curious.

I am absolutely baffled when confronted with the nauseating question - How do I look?

Don't you think you just ask too many questions at times?

Yeah... So?

Oh, so you confess being a prick. How refreshing!

Do you remember the girl in Paulino's circle of friends? The brunette with straight hair and who looks a bit like Katrina Kaif.


Ah, yes, Cordelia-ah! Isn't that a lovely name?

Flavia! Cordelia! Claudia Cardinale! Aren't these beautiful women?

Oh they certainly are. Sigh! Every time I am on the verge of shouting that real beauty, whether in male or female terms is nowhere to be seen these days, I come across one such specimen in stark contrast. But, look at this, how, in time, does a person's name starts affecting him?


See these are beautiful names and the women who have them are equally beautiful. How often have I and Dimitris been on these daydreaming, gooey-eyed teenage boys' trip when Flavia comes in our conversation? Like, see, every person has a name for a reason I think. Another one of those cosmic mysteries. Look at this, every famous person has a unique name. Or distinct.

It could also mean they are distinct people... Every one is born distinct, few recognise and practice it.

No, that is a pragmatic way of looking at this. In my world, half the time, you do not deal with reality. Look at this: Amitabh is a combination of "Amit" and "Abha" meaning the light that shines forever; Shah Rukh is in direct relation with his King-like status in our Hindi film industry; Oscar Wilde, G B Shaw, even William Shakespeare.

Just how uncommon do you think is a name like William?



I often wonder about my own name.

(I so knew this bugger was on a self-importance trip!) And what uniqueness does Kirit Kiran bring to mind?

I am not sure you and I are talking the same language. You are the drug peddler, you do not even exist in reality. You are the alter-ego I have in the already dysfunctional sidelined existence I seem to enjoy every day.

So what does that mean, as in your name?

Kirit means crown and Kiran means ray of light. The crown with the ray of light? The crown that shines.

Crown: A historic memorabilia of monarchy and the like and currently resides only in glass cases and on the heads of inconsequential people like the Queen.

That does not sound good.

Oh, and by the way, even if the name is beautiful, you aren't.

Yes, that is also true.

So, are you going to tell any of these women how beautiful they are? Like, you know, fancy a date or something eh?

No, just randomly.


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